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Get the three-in-one feeding power of Celmanax

Celmanax delivers a full dose of yeast culture, plus pours on the extra power of beneficial MOS (mannan oligosaccharide) and beta glucans. We were the first to qualify and quantify the metabolites of yeast fermentation and their benefits for livestock. Celmanax combines a unique blend of Refined Functional Carbohydrates (RFC) into a single, convenient formulation that replaces multiple feed ingredients. It has been proven to improve milk production and reduce somatic cell counts.1

Available in Three Formulations

Celmanax Dry

Free flowing, granular feed ingredient with a rich, baked aroma.

Celmanax Liquid

Used in liquid feed, milk, and milk replacer applications.

Celmanax SCP

(Soluble concentrated powder) formulation mixes easily and reduces shipping and handling costs.


What dairy producers are saying about the three-way performance of Celmanax.
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Research shows that Celmanax increases milk production by up to 3.4 lbs.
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1 Trial conducted at Spruce Haven Research Center in Auburn, New York to determine the effects of various treatments of yeast culture, mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), and enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast (Celmanax) on lactating dairy cattle.

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