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Milk to the MAX

Milk to the MAXImproving parlor efficiencies ten years and counting

Milk to the MAX Training

Give your employees Milk to the MAX training.
Because cows don’t come with instructions.

Ten years. One million cows and counting.* Our free Milk to the MAX employee training program is adding up some big numbers for customers of Vi-COR. More cow comfort, better milking procedures, and increased milk production.

Milk to the MAX is the first training program of its kind in the dairy industry and it’s only available with the power of Vi-COR fermentation-based feed ingredients.

Employee training

We train dairy employees on cow physiology, cow comfort, and proper milking procedures. This information helps technicians understand their important role in maximizing production and improving milk quality. Other courses are also available in artificial insemination, calving, hoof care, feed mixing, and calf rearing.

Speaking the language of dairy production

An important component of this extensive on-site training program is bilingual support. Our training staff is fluent in English and Spanish to make workers feel comfortable and help them thoroughly understand the materials being presented.


Industry education and mastitis workshops

The Milk to the MAX team also promotes milk quality and proper milking procedures at special mastitis workshops that focus on udder function and health. Our udder dissection wet lab gives dairy workers a unique look at the inner workings of the mammary glands and teat canals. Contact us for details.

Free employee training

Milk to the MAX goes beyond nutrition to provide on-farm evaluations and recommendations, employee instruction, and dairy industry education in English or Spanish. Vi-COR provides this training as a free customer service to help dairies improve milk quantity and quality.

Dairy farm audits

Vi-COR dairy specialists evaluate your dairy environment and milking procedures, and provide feedback to the nutritionists, employees, and owners. We summarize our findings and provide recommendations for improving milk production and herd health.


How to get Milk to the MAX

Your nutritionist, veterinarian, or feed company can prescribe this valuable program for your dairy. You may also contact Vi-COR directly to see if your dairy qualifies. The Milk to the MAX program is provided as a free service to dairies that use Vi-COR fermentation products including A-Max and Celmanax. Contact us for a free consultation to maximize your milk production.


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