Calf/Milk Replacer

Get your calves growing fast and strong with Celmanax. When your milk replacers and starter feeds are powered by Celmanax® SCP (Soluble Concentrated Powder) or Celmanax Liquid, you get the proven feeding power of yeast culture, MOS, and beta glucans. These all-natural ingredients have been shown in research tests to increase weight gain by up to 8 lbs. while improving feed efficiency.1 Let Celmanax give your calves a fast start.

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Power you can see

Celmanax combines yeast culture, MOS (mannan oligosaccharide), and beta glucans into a single, convenient formulation that delivers multiple benefits for dairy cows and calves.

  • Delivers consistent levels of metabolites to livestock for reliable performance.
  • Uses all-natural enzymes to hydrolyze yeast components.
  • Improves palatability and feed intake.
  • Provides proven performance verified by university research and on-farm results.
  • Eliminates the need to buy, store, and mix several feed ingredients.
  • Increases return on investment and profitability.

Look for the distinctive
green particles of Celmanax SCP
to give your calves an added boost.

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Find out what dairy producers are saying about the three-way performance of Celmanax.
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1 R.J. Dennis and S. Jalukar (2011) Effect of Celmanax® SCP on calf performance when fed in the milk replacer and grower phase. J. Dairy Sci. Vol. 94, E-Suppl.

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