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Calf/Milk Replacer

Get your calves growing fast and strong with Celmanax. When your milk replacers and starter feeds are powered by Celmanax SCP (Soluble Concentrated Powder) or Celmanax Liquid, you get the proven feeding power of yeast culture, MOS, and beta glucans. These all-natural ingredients have been shown in research tests to increase weight gain by up to 8 lbs. while improving feed efficiency.1 Let Celmanax give your calves a fast start.

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Power you can see

Celmanax combines yeast culture, MOS (mannan oligosaccharide), and beta glucans into a single, convenient formulation that delivers multiple benefits for dairy cows and calves.

  • Delivers consistent levels of metabolites to livestock for reliable performance.
  • Uses all-natural enzymes to hydrolyze yeast components.
  • Improves palatability and feed intake.
  • Provides proven performance verified by university research and on-farm results.
  • Eliminates the need to buy, store, and mix several feed ingredients.
  • Increases return on investment and profitability.

Look for the distinctive
green particles of Celmanax SCP
to give your calves an added boost.

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Find out what dairy producers are saying about the three-way performance of Celmanax.
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1 R.J. Dennis and S. Jalukar (2011) Effect of Celmanax SCP on calf performance when fed in the milk replacer and grower phase. J. Dairy Sci. Vol. 94, E-Suppl.

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